Leonie Lämmerzahl
Co-Founder & CEO

I am a business economist and business psychologist. Through my years of work in a software company, I have always had a connection to new technologies. 

The interest in art has accompanied me since I graduated school. I decided that both art and technologies should play an important role in my career after completing my master’s thesis, which focused on artists‘ access to the blockchain-based crypto art market. 

I am convinced that technologies combined with art can greatly enrich all of our lives – be it in a private or corporate context – and I am looking forward to the future developments in Web 3.0.

Dr. Sebastian R. Merker
Co-Founder & COO

I am a biologist by training with a PhD in stem cell and cancer biology. My first contacts with digital „art“ were through molecular staining and bioinformatics.

I strongly believe the Web 3.0 to be a democratic place that should be accessible to everyone, from the arts to science and finances.

Co-Founder & Curator

I am an artist and film/music producer. My artworks range from realistic sculptures to artistic photography and more.

I want to explore how art can become digital, and see it evolving into something agile, digital, and lively. As it is new, many artists struggle keeping their identity throughout the new technologies.