Digital Art has traditionally struggled to secure copyrights. While it is easy to copy and save a random picture on the internet, it is more difficult to prove it’s authenticity or ownership.

Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) not only allow to identify the author and owner of an artwork without a doubt, but also bring many more benefits for artists with them. Programmable smart contracts on the blockchain for example allow royalties to be directly send to the artist each time the artwork is sold or flipped.

As the coming Web3.0 revolution will allow people to own assets on the internet, making NFTs even more popular.

As an artist you will greatly benefit from this development and should start securing your spot in the NFT world. Whatever your artistry is, we are here to help you.

Below you can find an overview on how digital technologies and NFT can help your art join the digital revolution.

​Digital Artists

Digital artists, whether they create 2D or 3D artworks, know about the endless possibilities digital tools offer.  Nevertheless recent developments like Web3, blockchain technology, or augmented and virtual reality take digital art to a whole new level. Let us explore together what these new technologies can do for you and take your digital art to the future!


Great paintings have an aura of their own, fascinating people through the ages. Using high-resolution scanners, paintings can be digitized, enhanced and brought to life. Think of the famous smile of the Mona Lisa and her eyes following the observer whatever the angle they look at it. Why not make her eyes follow you for real, change the facial expression and make her talk to you?


We are used to photographies as being static 2D images leaving a lot of room for interpretation and imagination. Smart screens and digital technologies allow for new possibilities to experience photographies. From subtle animated elements or daily context-dependant changes to fully interactive experiences in which the observer can zoom in at any point of the picture.


Streaming services offer an easy access to music and greatly benefit the general public. But they also leave musicians behind through low royalties per song played. Uploading your music as a NFT not only allows for a decentralized distribution of your songs but it also guarantees fair and direct remuneration through smart contracts on the blockchain.

Film Makers

In the digital world, movies are shifting from a simply 2D experience to an immersive 3D event. Bringing new challenges but also room for exploration and experimentation. Be it with human or pure digital actors. The advances in AR and VR technologies will help liberate movies from the enclosure of 2D screens and bring them out onto the streets.


How can something as simple yet complex as a written story become a digital artwork? Digital means change the way we read and experience literature. Latest developments like the artificial intelligence ChatGPT allow for human-like written interactions. Why not get involved into the story or change the fate of the individual main characters?


Sculptures can be quickly and easily digitized using modern technology like 3D scans. As a result, they can be transported anywhere „digitally“ and exhibited on a screen or as a 3D print. Digitized works can be animated and are used in many areas from museums to private galleries. Special effects and lighting can be adapted and create unique ways of display.


The emergence of metaverses will change the way people come together and experience cultural events. Using real-time image capture it ispossible to digitize actors while performing. These performances can then be integrated into digital worlds where they are visible for an audience in 360°, further making it possible to digitally enhance the actor even make it interactive.

Creative Minds

The possibilities don’t end with the disciplines mentioned above. Everything that can be digitized or created using modern technologies can become part of this cultural revolution. Web3, metaverses, augmented/virtual reality, and artificial intelligence offer endless possibilities that will change the future of art, culture and ultimately society. Only the creativity of individuals is the limit. Will you be the one?