Club Of Undetected Fishes

Club Of Undetected Fishes

The most unexplored part of our planet is the deep sea. Here are living creatures, which are totally unknown for mankind. But yet it has been succeeded to search out some of these examples in the deepest depth – its the club of the undetected fishes! 

May I introduce the AngryCarp, who knows how to keep his neighborhood on distance with his long baleen and gleaming eyes.

The Demonic grining Catfish – who uses his smoking eyes to hypnotize his victims.

The Gangsta Fish, who expresses unmistakable that nobody should come closer. 

The 100 percent deadly, uncompromisingly Most Killing Fish, who shows his name and attitude impressively on his body. 

The over and over with huge pustules covered Pox Perch – insanely infectious. 

There is also street credibility in the deep sea – RapFish is grooving in the hood.

And there is the Pothead,

the Smokin Weed Carp in the deep, 

the Vagabond Tramp Fish – it´s all easy.

You should not come too close to the bloodsucking Vampire Fish – he entice his victims in the dark deep sea with a glowing lamp. 

Not very often you can sight a very shy Zebra Fish, which uses to hide between black and white corals.

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Angry Carp, Demon Fish, Gangsta Fish, Mostkilling Fish, Pocken Fish, Rap Fish, Smokin Fish, Tramp Fish, Vampire Fish, Zebra Fish


Black/White, Blue, Brown, Dark Purple, Gold, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Lilac, Orange, Yellow


Air, Earth, Fire, Water


Bubbles, Embers, Film, Flash, FTL, Leaves, Lightning, Rain, Smoke, Snow, Sparkles

The real diversity, rarity, and subsequent value of individual fishes is even greater, since more unique features are visible on each fish.