The NonFungibleArtists offer a variety of high quality digital art by world-renown artists. Their unique collections bring value to the portfolio of collectors and uniquely enhance the way art is experienced. Digital art is slowly advancing into the mainstream art culture with works being shown at big events like the Art Basel. Especially the emergence of NFTs has led to a rapid explosion of the digital art market. Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) not only allow to identify the author and owner of an artwork without a doubt, but also bring many more benefits for collectors with them. Programmable smart contracts on the blockchain for example allow digital artworks to adapt, change and evolve in real-time while creating unique moods and environments.

By embedding art NFTs into your portfolio, you can profit from this new trend while opening up the gates for a whole new way to experience, display and manage your collection. We offer a variety of services to get the most out of the possibilities of your art NFTs has to offer:



NFT art is a large field with endless opportunities and collections. Trends constantly change and new art emerges. Let us help you find the ones that suit your needs and your collection best.


From acquisition to sales, design to display, we manage everything related to your art and NFT-collection.


Why only have an analogue piece of art, if you can have a digital copy, you can take anywhere in the world? Using high-end imaging and scanning techniques, we digitize your unique art collection.


Blockchain, DAOs, DeFi, NFTs and Web3.0 are words which can sometimes seem cryptic. Nevertheless, they play an essential role in the upcoming technological evolution. Together with you we will explore and enjoy this new digital world, that is about to revolutionize the way we experience the internet and daily life.


Digital art and NFTs can be displayed in an unlimited number of digital and analogue ways. We are sure to have the perfect solution for your needs.


What better occasion to create long-lasting relationships with the people around you than exciting analogue or digital events! From NFT-based invitations to incredible locations in the metaverse, we make sure your guests will remember your event.


Do you want to take your collection to the next digital level? Our completely customizable digital worlds allow you to display your digital assets in a unique manner where only imagination is the limit. Using VR, AR and mixed reality, your family, friends and guests will have an unforgettable experience.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested to expand your digital asset portfolio!