Working with the NonFungibleArtists not only allows you to gain access to high quality digital art, but also creates a possibility to cooperate with one of our world-renown artists for your marketing campaign. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a great new opportunity to interact with your customers at a much more personalized level. By embedding NFTs into your brand ecosystem and marketing strategy, you can optimize the understanding of your customers, their satisfaction and retention:

Customer Retention with NFTs

Affiliate marketing:

Maintenance simplified because revenue sharing is programmed into smart contracts.


Entry tickets to analogue and virtual events and communication channels.


Discount codes for goods and future events.


By incorporating unique artworks into NFT tickets, they can tell a story and become collectibles.

Because of the very personal relationship a brand builds with ist customers through NFTs, a sense of community can arise boosting the market presence even more. But the use of NFTs is not only limited to customer retention. Exemplary applications of NFTs also include the following areas:

Applications of NFTs

Branding and Marketing:

Creating unique experiences that help companies differentiate themselves from the competition.

Contract management:

Create and manage contracts to ensure all parties meet their obligations.

Data management:

Store and manage data to ensure it is secure and only accessible to authorized users.

Fundraising and crowdfunding:

Raising funds for companies or projects or for crowdfunding campaigns.

Identity and access management:

Verify identity and grant access to digital assets and services.

Loyalty and rewards programs:

Reward customers for their loyalty or for completing certain tasks or goals.

Product keys and digital licenses:

Protect and manage digital products and licenses and ensure only authorized users have access.

Supply chain management:

Track and manage assets throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods.

Tickets and passes:

Create unique event tickets and passes, helping businesses increase security and reduce fraud.

Wealth management:

Track and manage physical or digital assets such as equipment, vehicles or property.

The use cases of NFTs are very diverse and suitable for almost every business. The NonFungibleArtists offer a variety of services, which help you get the most out of the possibilities that Web3.0 has to offer. Let‘s get started together and find the best fit for your company‘s success in the new digital realms. Our services include the following areas:



We design, create and implement digital artworks and NFTs custom-tailored to your needs.


Digital art and NFTs can be displayed in an unlimited number of digital and analogue ways. We are sure to have the perfect solution for your needs.


What better occasion to create long-lasting relationships with your customers than exciting analogue or digital events! From NFT-based ticketing to incredible locations in the metaverse, we make sure your customers remember their experience and your brand.


From acquisition to sales, we manage everything NFT- and Web3.0-related in your company.


We create, design, promote and manage NFT-based marketing campaigns for your products.


Do you want to take your company, products and customers to the next digital level? With our uniquely designed digital worlds we help your company get a lasting presence in the Web3.0 space. Using VR, AR and mixed reality, your customers will have an unforgettable experiences with your brand.


Blockchain, DAOs, DeFi, NFTs and Web3.0 are words which can sometimes seem cryptic. Nevertheless they play an essential role in the upcoming technological evolution. Together with your team we will explore and enjoy this new digital world, that is about to revolutionize the way we experience the internet and daily life. We also provide informational materials for further distribution inside your company.

Business Inquiries

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested to implement NFTs into your company!